Saturday, 13 july 2024 ITA  |  ENG

The Hosiery and Underwear District Association, A.DI.CI , started as the “living expression” of a district which after the amazing results achieved up to today, is now evolving to face the challenges of the decade to come, preparing itself in advance with medium and long term projects.

About 400 companies are employed in the Italian hosiery district centred in Castel Goffredo, responsible for 80% of this sector's turnover in Italy, 70% of European production
and 30% of world-wide production, employing a total of over 7,000 staff, and up to over 10,000 if one considers the related industries: a heritage and excellence that we do not wish and must not lose.

Faced with a crisis which increasingly seems more structural than cyclical, everything needs to be reconsidered, selection processes speed up and the question which recurs time and again is what direction the hosiery sector will take. ...continue

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