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The virtuous and anomalous characteristics typical of the district; business skills, widespread presence in the area and in most cases a continuity over time of a family group which has founded, developed and consolidated its firm through the years, calls for reflection.

On the strength of the experience acquired, A.DI.CI , a new generation of entrepreneurs, in tune with the historic core has enthusiastically
decided to accept the challenge, placing themselves and their firms at the centre of projects valorising the expertise of the district, creating a network, sharing ideals and critical mass.

A.DI.CI is entrepreneurial courage, a cohesion of intelligence, propensity to innovation, virtuosity, accessible information, a desire for Italian style and design.


and Well-Made”

Is how we like to describe the product which history has assigned us, to make it known to the world.
A.DI.CI has taken up this mission with pride, putting into play its creative, technological and business skills developed to spread Italian excellence through this small, but important accessory which makes the difference: HOSIERY! That's why A.DI.CI started up and wants to share the issues dear to all those operating in the district. We believe that union is our strength, overcoming personal issues and misunderstandings on our way to the future.


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